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May 28, 2010
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Crowanha by mighty5cent Crowanha by mighty5cent
They swarm. Birds flock and fish school, but they swarm. Both and neither, these creatures aren't just soft feathers and shining scales. They started off as a rumor scoffed at by anyone of importance. A small town in the middle of nowhere Nebraska reported cattle mutilations by the hundreds; only bones left behind. Then they ran out of cows. They swarm.

Reputable news franchises refused to run the story. Birds that looked like fish attacking small towns decimating the population were rampant in The Enquirer and other even less reputable news sources, one even interviewed the supposed scientist responsible, Dr. Eli Evans. He was quoted saying,

"It was my intention to splice two life forms that were incompatible. It would have revolutionized genetic engineering. A fish and a bird. A piranha and a crow. So different and so very similar. Part of the ecosystem, but unique in that they did not have a specific diet, they served no purpose other than to eat what everything else shunned. And that similarity was shared at a genetic level, I discovered that they shared a 32 percent DNA match, which is remarkable between mammals, and unheard of in a fish and an avian!"

Dr. Evans went on to say,

"I had no idea, it seemed so perfect. It was like they wanted to be spliced together. All of the tests were positive. Test subject Alpha was the picture of health. Amphibious."

After minutes of sobbing the doctor finished the interview with "I didn't know, I couldn't have. When they killed my Kaitlin I realized what I had done, they swarmed all over her... she was helpless..."

Singly they are not a threat. They lay several hundred to several thousand eggs every week. They swarm. Their teeth rending flesh, their feathers laced with razor sharp spines fluttering, scoring flesh, slicing. Blood wells from the wounds, and the scent draws more of them.

Photoshop. The amazing description was written by my friend Dane Richmond after he saw the artwork.

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yeah,that,s  realy  good!CURSE YOU! 
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ho shit O_O
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*on the phone* yeah we need to breed flying blood hunters. "flying sir?!" Yes, and I want them done now!It's a national emergency!*hangs up* lets see how they deal with these.
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step aside hitchcock. its not just The Birds
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THEY SWARM. If this became part of a really popular Sci-fi novel I bet people would be saying "They Swarm" a lot.
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Muy bueno!!
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*Goes and gets shotgun*
Catbandit Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2011
I don't know if anyone has made this joke yet BUT
birds flock, yeah, but crows murder.

(murder of crows...hehehe)

very awesome and appropriate background.
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